And now…?

It took me a bit to name this post because it veers away from my normal topic area just a tad. I’m at the point where the edits are complete, and my thumbs are left twiddling. The graphic designers, marketers, and publishers are taking over. My manuscript has passed the mark, and I’m just waiting to hear confirmation on an exact date.

This is a great time to be bolstering your marketing. Check with your publisher. Find out what advertising programs have worked in the past. Grow your media profiles (check me : @Celata_E ). Create a platform of sorts or take care of your current one.

As a graduate student, I know it’s easy to get distracted because there’s always something else that needs attention. However, these weeks or months before production offer you time to get ahead. Planning now for when your book comes out will save you from low numbers on the first day. If, like my publisher, you have a digital run followed by a print, marketing now shrinks the time span between the two. Of course, only if the print run is triggered by the level of success of the digital.

One way or another, you have down time during this period. Use it to start the sequel. Start another series or another standalone book. Check out what your favorite authors do.

Being an introvert, the whole rubbing elbows process is difficult for me. I’m constantly overthinking everything I saw or do before I even think about actually doing anything at all. This period gives me a chance to make those moves, plan the e-mails, etc.

It can be tempting to take a break, but everything I’ve mentioned above will pile up. An object in motion – a project in motion, is easier to keep in motion than to stop and start again.

If you don’t know what to do, ask your publisher or a fellow author. We’re a pretty fantastic community.

Good luck!

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