No longer on Channillo and newly edited (with a brand new cover) – my YA Sports Romance!!

Beni is tall and quiet. The only place she’s ever fit in was on the ice, but her first year on the Port Edmond High School varsity team might be her last. 

Half the team doesn’t want her around. The other half doesn’t care, and no amount of goals seems to change their minds. When Beni checks their rival team’s star player and win them the traditional pre-season game, attitudes begin to change. With the coach on her side and a wave of support, she didn’t expect the bullying to get worse, but her slashed bike tires tell a different story.

Jackson Duke has it all. He’s rich, handsome, and the best high school player in the nation. As the star player of St. Raphael’s Academy — Port Edmond High School’s long-time rival —, Jackson hasn’t been checked in years. When Beni not only manages but goes on to score the winning goal, he can’t take his eyes off of her. 

Thrown together at the local rink, the two rivals slowly become friends, but as that friendship heats up, Beni’s determined to keep their relationship secret. Her teammates just started warming to her, and a star-crossed romance with a rival player only spells doom. 

Will Beni risk it all for love? Or is this love destined to freeze?

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