Research – Hockey Time?

As some of you know, I’m currently writing a serialized novel over on Channillo. GETTING TO GOAL is a young adult contemporary romance following a Beni – an aspiring hockey player who has finally made varsity…on the boy’s team.

My high school – and many schools in the United States – have rules which allow girls to join the boys’ team and vice versa if no equivalent exists. Mainly this occurs with football. There have been a rise in female quarterbacks and kickers.

While we had a hockey team in my district, my first introduction to the game was through my father. He played when he was in school, and when we were younger, he was in a league. Eventually, he stopped.

So while I know a bit about the game, I haven’t been to a game or studied it enough to have more than a basic understanding of the rules, so when the idea popped into my head, I got the chance to get back into it. A lot of it has been picking my dad’s brain, but it also gives me a good chance to explore an aspect of Rochester I only usually see on someone’s graduation day – the Blue Cross Arena.

Which – means I get to use this as an opportunity to figure out if I want either of my Rochester set series – WARLOCK OF ROCHESTER and EOIN O’LEARY to pull from the research I’m doing now. As a plotter, whenever I can find overlap to ensure I can go deeper in research rather than wider, the better.

How do you guys research for your writing?

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