I’m cutting this month by month release schedule at six. From here forward, I’ll space the remaining six books out for my sanity and my wallet. In the age of the indie author, no marketing isn’t reality. Though my books are selling steadily, continuing would result in my buying covers faster than I recuperated the costs. Stress would destroy my stomach. More than that, I haven’t had the chance to read a book in weeks.

That’s just not right.

I believe that I’ve managed what I set forth to do – form a foundation which I can market and build on in the future. Four books out in the Warlock of Rochester series. The first in the Kasmai Cycle is on the shelves too.

I don’t plan on releasing book five (tentatively titled: BAD BLOOD) any time soon. I have the outline and about forty pages. However, it wasn’t ever included on my twelve. Instead, the second in the Kasmai Cycle and a stand-alone epic portal fantasy will be my next releases. Both inspired rewrites. Both deserve the time to develop without me rushing editors or cover artists (or myself).

As I take time to reflect on what I’ve accomplished, I’ll keep posting (hopefully, more regularly without my self-imposed insanity), and I believe my work will be the better for it. While I do, I’ll be keeping an eye on my stats. I’ve got the data for the last six, and I’m eager to compare it pre-marketing and post. There’s been an obvious uptick post book three; however, I suspect the books having been only been available for three months may have also served to bias the algorithm. With my no longer monthly posts, I’ll be interested to see if anything changes or if the marketing efforts I’ll begin to put out (and my increased activity elsewhere to feed the internet beast) will balance or completely outweigh the writing slow-down.

When the time comes for my next release, there will be an announcement right here. Otherwise, pop back in for updates on writing (without a monthly deadline), marketing, and a return to my book reviews. Honestly, I missed those the most. I have a pile of books reading to be read (and even more on my suggestion list).

I’m pretty sure my brother will go gray if I keep putting off Mark Lawrence’s Red SisterMy father’s also pushing to chat about The Hod King. If you have an opinion on which I should read, comment below!

And good luck!

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