Book 2 in the Warlock of Rochester series is now up for pre-order!

Sometimes the fairy tale’s end is just the Grimm beginning. When three orphans vanish from a magical sanctuary in Toronto, the sanctuary’s caretaker dredges up history Jordan would rather left forgotten. Between demonic mermaids in Lake Ontario and the Bane of Hamelin, the clock is ticking, and in this race against time, more than three souls may be on the line. 

LAS Review: “Grimm Remains should be read by anyone who enjoys modern fantasy.”

Readers’ Favorite:

“Eli Celata once again enthralls readers with Jon’s story, striking the perfect balance between his real life and his magical one, often with humorous consequences. The banter between Jon and Jordan is delightful, while his relationships with his friends keep him grounded. It’s refreshing that Jon’s ordinary life isn’t forgotten or pushed aside, instead his struggle to keep magic secret and to find time for his friends and homework is addressed. Celata’s characters feel like real people that just happen to deal with demons and possess magic. Jon has grown since High Summons, but it’s clear that this is just another step for him to take to become the hero he’s meant to be. Celata once again charms with Jon’s voice. Grimm Remains is a coming of age story full of heart, emotion, magic, and adventure.”

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