Review: Short & Skinny

This was an advanced reader copy for the October 2018 publication. There are minor spoilers ahead.

Title: Short & Skinny

Author: Mark Tatulli

Stars: ★★★

As a huge fan of the comic strip Lio, I jumped on this the second it passed my desk. Hyperion sends my company all sorts, but serial art isn’t the norm. Tatulli’s artwork lives up to his name, but while I enjoyed the more personal note of the story, it didn’t resonate with me in the way I expected.

There’s a similar humor. Tatulli’s experiences explain a number of his artwork choices. Lio is a small force of nature, and the story of Tatulli gaining confidence deals outright with his diminutive status. With an ending akin to Sandlot, Tatulli’s book isn’t one for those interested in his main body of work; instead, it is an interesting lesson about the inner workings of Tatulli’s mind, about his childhood, and about the supportive family who pushed him to chase his creative dreams.

If you enjoyed Sandlot or even the more recent Goldbergs, this might be right up your alley.

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