Review: The Wild Robot Escapes

In my day job, I work for a book company. This means I get some pretty awesome perks. The latest? A plethora of Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) from the Big 6 in publishing. With marketing intel on the back cover, they’re extremely informative.

For this chunk of reviews, I’ll keep my regular format, but beneath the stars, I’ll give you an estimate of the marketing effort on a 1 to 5 scale. These are only compared to one another, so please be aware that most marketing campaigns are far smaller than the ones that ended up in my hands.


This was an advanced reader copy for the March 2018 hardcover publication. This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well.

Title: The Wild Robot Escapes

Author: Peter Brown

Stars: ★★★★

Marketing Effort: 3 (average #WildRobotEscapes)

This book is actually a sequel to The Wild Robot. Adorable with short chapters and multiple points of view, it has a certain spark of mild pleasantness which works well for a younger audience.

The Wild Robot Escapes balances between an early reader and middle grade in the fun, somewhat nebulous region of what might be called lower middle grade. It’s an easy read, and I finished it within an hour.

Brown doesn’t address any horrifying aspects head on. Even the fact that a previously free individual has been enslaved (i.e. the freaking robot) is presented as an inconvenience more often than it’s addressed as a cruelty. Perhaps the unaffected manner of narration keeps things from going down a darker avenue. Either way, it gave me something of I, Robot for kids feels.

There are some parts that seemed straight out of Finding Nemo, so I can’t say this is the most original book, but it’s a pleasant little read.

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