The review does not contain spoilers (though it does contain an out-of-context quote).

Title: Senlin Ascends

Author: Josiah Bancroft


I could absolutely gush about this book. At first, the use of adjectives seemed a bit too free-flowing, but the perfection of Bancroft’s similes and metaphors won me over.  Even though it is a bit early on, one of my favorites remains, “the crowd was like a jelly that congealed around them.”

No matter the rule, there will always be an exception – somewhere, somehow, in some minute and side-glanced manner. Bancroft’s move from self-published to Orbit Books shows this to be true.

Bancroft has a way with words. He builds the pace, mounting ever fasting toward this transcendent transformation that, for a time, the reader becomes so entrenched in the development of the main character and the impossibly convoluted mess of the Tower that its point hardly matters at all.

The main character, Thomas Senlin, has all the dry wit, clever observational skills, and keen sense of morality of the iconic Bilbo Baggins. A man happy with his life – he finds an out of the ordinary trip for pleasure to spiral into a life-altering new norm which he desires to escape while thriving out of the necessity. Such is his heroism. One of need and not of a desire to be so. Similar to the greats, in my mind.

I plan to order the next book in the series. There are a number of strings not tied up at the end of the first book, so don’t expect to have even half your questions answered. With a complex plot and realistic characters, I’m excited to see where this series goes!

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