Review: Stealing Liberty

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well.

Title: Stealing Liberty

Author: Jennifer Froelich

Stars: ★★★

Quick note – this one is in first person present tense with multiple points of view. There are a few missing commas as well as comma splices, so I had a bit of a ‘free kindle’ flashback. I think I might be overly attuned to missing commas now.

At times, the different narrators express emotion; however, it reminded me of a forced smile. The right actions were described, but they weren’t necessarily emotive. Tense inconsistencies didn’t exactly help. While some moved from present to past appropriately, other times past crept up in a future reflexive manner, undermining the use of present tense.

That being said – the dystopian plot remains strong. These are adolescents in labor camps. Their connections feel sincere – especially those described in Xoey’s chapters.

If you don’t like to think about politics, this isn’t the book for you. Economics, religions, politics – Froelich explores them all, and she doesn’t shy away from where she stands on any of them.

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