Review: Blackmark

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Part of the Free (Kindle) series. 

Title: Blackmark

Author: Jean Lowe Carlson

Stars: ★★★

So many maps, so little time. An interesting feature to Carlson’s writing is that she manages to make places feel touch-starved. Not in their lack of people but in the same desire for human contact as a person might endure.

As these reviews might have told you, I have an eye for commas. Both their presence in splices or absence where needed bother me. However, my biggest issue with this book was the start-stop of different subplots. They didn’t seem to churn in the background; instead, they appeared and disappeared a bit too conveniently. I guess I expect humans to be messier than Carlson’s were.


All in all – not a bad book, but definitely, it wasn’t something that I would’ve been happy to have spent money on. In some ways, it seems Carlson had two or more books and stitched them together. Not exactly the best results.

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