Review: Pinnacle

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well.

Title: Pinnacle

Author: Lynn Veevers

Stars: ★★★

Like I said on Monday, authors tend to prefer a particular letter. For Lynn, that seems to be K names. I enjoyed the prologue, but beware – the tone changes dramatically. While this is completely understandable considering what happens, the narrative shift can be jarring.

I considered suggesting skipping over the prologue to avoid the issue, but honestly, the prologue was my favorite part, and the emotions we see from Kaya as well as the general prose just works so much better in my mind than the rest that I’d just be costing you a good sense of what the author’s capable of writing.

That being said, the next few chapters overshadow the events of the prologue. There’s romance, magic, and a fair bit of general awkwardness. A few revelations Kaya has seem to come out of left field, especially in the romance department. We don’t see the relationship forming, so it’s sudden appearance left me as befuddle as Kaya herself seemed to be with the whole affair. Kaya ends up calling out a lot of the problems in the book. I’m not sure if that’s endearing or worrisome.

At times, Kaya’s blunt personality worked. Other times, it completely vanished into a weird panic pixie dream girl feel or drama levels which would make the Evil Queen envious. As a girl dealing with highly emotional situations, her pendulum emotions were reasonable. However, her circumstances – magic and mayhem aside – gave the feel of the invincible hero, which as we all know I am not a fan of in any form.

My biggest issue was the inconsistency of the narrative. Most of the time, we heard a close third person to Kaya, but there were times it shifted outward to Kenneth or others.

If you like romance, a teen dealing with a highly emotional event and being overpowered, this could be for you. The instances of realism versus idealism struck me, and while the emotional turmoil was realistic, I kept on hoping someone would send the poor girl to a therapist rather than have her deal with the shit storm headed her way.

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