Update! Book 4 and More!

I’ve been hard at work, churning out a side project and planning for book four for the last few weeks. There are no spoilers ahead. Just some updates and descriptions (i.e. teasers) for what you’ll be exploring in the forth book in the Warlock of Rochester series.


Tentatively titled We Who Flew, my current work-in-progress (WIP) is an adult science fiction which takes Marvel’s Red Room and “The Island of Dr. Moreau” – shoves them into a blender and pours the results in space.

With going on forty-five thousand words, it’s one of my favorite manuscripts. Unlike Warlock of Rochester, this one’s a stand-alone. From a third-person point of view, we follow the survivors of the first interstellar space craft.

Why survivors? Because they’re on the ship for not even a full chapter before something goes wrong.

My favorite aspects? Strong, diverse women who face species extinction, forced combat against each other, and psychological warfare where the majority of the antagonists are survivors of the same process. Yet – somehow – it’s really not a thriller or horror.

Antagonist’s motive? Recreating his species – but not the ‘old fashion’ way. Hence, genetic and physical modifications to every species he gets his hands on.

Any alternative titles can be put in the comments. I’m still not settled on anything particular at the moment.

Warlock of Rochester – Book 4: Lady in White

There’s a number of local legends I’ve been waiting to get my hands on. Waiting mostly to ensure the series was going to continue past the first few books. The first one I’m exploring is Rochester’s Lady-in-White (a.k.a. White Lady)!

We’ve seen Jon’s relationship with his mother, and his reunion with his father looms closer with each book, but this urban legend focuses on a mother’s love for her daughter. Stories differ, but the White Lady haunts (at times with two hounds) seeking her daughter’s murderers. Accounts differ on the age of the daughter at death and who was responsible.

Some magic history in the upcoming third book (Smoke and Mirrors) will hint at what’s to come. This one isn’t going to be as simple as some of the other villains, and I’m excited to grow alongside Jon.


If you want further updates, check me out on Twitter or Facebook; otherwise…


Good Luck.

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