April – a month from Hell this year.


My comprehensive examinations are next week. An entire week of 8-hour exams. As a PhD in Biological Anthropology, I’ll be testing in Trauma (Forensic / Physical Anthropology), Evolution (Hominin / Molecular Anthropology), and Biomechanics (Mechanical Engineering / Anthromechanics).

The process is exhausting, and I’ve balanced this blog, my PR internship, my job, marketing for my second book, and studying since February. While I’m generally good at multitasking, I know my limits. I can’t outsource my job, internship, or the tests. I could open this blog up to other authors, but I just don’t trust humanity as a whole enough for that.

Earlier this year, I worked with Ultimate Fantasy Books after winning a free blog tour. It went well despite only upping my sales a book or two. As I enjoyed the bloggers and admin, I decided to pay the $50 (way less than most tour cites) and see how they’d do with 10 days on a new release.

I’ll give you guys updates as we go and share the tour!


By the way, you can pre-order Grimm Remains on Amazon!


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