Current Projects

Most who are passionate about writing don’t want to settle for one book. It’s not – published then done. It’s a stream of ever moving ideas and stories. People we wake up with. People who shimmer on the edges of our waking reality. Often, the first book an author has published isn’t the first book they wrote. Sometimes it’s not even the first dozen. My debut was the third series I started, and fourth book I finished. Hidden on my hard drive is my first – an unfinished tragedy – and my second series of now five completed novels which I’ll likely never sell for one reason or another. Even as I market High Summons, I’m finalizing its sequel and working on organizing my notes for another series.

As though who follow my twitter know, the sequel to High Summons has the working title: Hamelin. However, despite my love of ‘J’ names, I’m not eager to trap myself into ‘H’ titles, so it actually has a submitting title which – hopefully – will be the final one as well.

The sequel to High Summons will be…*drum roll please*


Grimm Remains. 

Back in Rochester for his third semester, Jon’s rearing to get back to demon hunting. Demon activity has tripled in the aftermath of the summoning, but something bigger presses at the cracks between Rochester and Hell. Jordan and Jon set out to find what big fish has surfaced in hopes of sending it back before the Daughters send Rochester the same way as Sodom and Gomorrah. Mysterious disappearances bring the Wizard Monday and an old feud to Rochester in the second novel of the Warlock of Rochester series: Grimm Remains.

Because it’s me – pun intended. Also that is a working blurb, so I’ll put up the finished version once it’s ready.

My second current non-PhD project is an adult science fiction with the working title of Fall of Victory. It’s currently out on a full request, so fingers crossed.

When the USS Intrepid crossed into interstellar space, an armada waited. The alien army obliterated the ship, massacred the crew, and set its sight on Earth. Only global unification and a nano-tech shield called the Wake kept the enemy, Mah-Wærm, at bay. Tragedy, however, didn’t clear old war lines. It simply buried them. For fifty years, humanity waited growing stronger behind its shield.

On the fiftieth anniversary,  the governing parliament selects six military-trained individuals for a recon mission beyond the Wake. All six have their own reasons for coming.Whether willingly or shanghaied into service, all have their own end game.

When they find their enemy alive, their mission goes from bad to worse. With Mah-Wærm’s citizens praising him, distrust ravages the six. Allegiances are tested; even if the six unify, their enemy may have already advanced too far.

Again, a working blurb. Think Firefly meets Star Trek: Voyager. I’m currently fleshing out the plot for the second books. Putting aside my natural realist tendencies, my inner optimist is hopeful. We’ll see if I ought to trust it.


For those waiting for query replies, keep busy. Write the next book. Write another after that. Keep writing, and – as always…


Good Luck.

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