Marketing: Blog Spots

Cover art is still in the works. The second I have it to share, it’ll be up. Believe me, I’m ready for it to be here. There are certain phases in publishing where I swing between real and not real. Having the cover art in my hand will definitely help.

Back onto marketing!

Like I’ve said, marketing is the slow and quiet path authors don’t seem to talk about enough. Whether we’re going store to store to speak with small shop owners or having intimidating meetings with giants, it’s a slow grind. The less cheered – or perhaps noted – marketing technique I’ve seen gain momentum is product placement.

I don’t mean that car which the characters on that popular TV show spent three unnecessary minutes chatting over. I mean, blog spots – or vlog spots. Fellow authors / dreamers featuring your book. These people are saints. Sure, the page is another area for views, but they take their platform and hand it over to you for a day or more. You’re center stage! All eyes on you after how ever many years of work they did to get that stage set and those seats filled.

If you’re in a small press, there is a high likelihood you know your fellow authors. If not, be friendly enough to have an idea of who they are. If the company has a Facebook page for their authors, it’s a good idea to join and keep an eye on it. For small press / indie publishing, your fellow authors function as your teammates. They want you to succeed for a number of reasons, and you should want them to succeed too. The more press they get, the more the company gets, the more you get. Those authors are also the most likely source of blog/vlog spots. Just ask. You’d be surprised how many would offer if you expressed a need.

For the few of you on here hook on larger presses, marketing might entirely be taken out of your hands in your contract. You may be shuffled here and there as part of said contract. If you have any control or ability to organize marketing, do it. Don’t rely on your publisher to do it themselves. Keep them in the loop. Just figure out where you want that loop to be.

Say you want to aim for a bigger audience. YouTube and Vine have taken off in the last five years. Maybe you want someone “internet famous” to show off your novel. Be careful. Anyone famous generally has an agent / PR firm behind them. It will likely cost more than you think. Alternatively, you mail it to their PO, and it is never seen again. These are individuals who have worked to form a platform. It being on the internet does not make it illegitimate. In fact, it’s extremely impressive and took a lot of work. Also, a lot of larger publishers already stepped into that arena. Can we easily tell? Maybe. Maybe not. That’s the cleverness of well done product placement. The audience wants the product without realizing the product was there to want.

Good luck.

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