5 Pieces of Twitter Pitch Advice

I decided I’d include my top 5 pieces of advice for twitter pitching. Hope they help you avoid the scam artists and find your perfect literary fit!

Five Pieces of Basic Twitter Pitch Advice:

  • Follow the directions. You’d be surprised by how many people don’t even glance at the main page for any given twitter pitch contest.
  • Research the publishers/agents/etc before you query. If you’re on the fence and think you might remove your letter later on, don’t submit. I had been advised this and stuck to it until a single shining comment swayed me. Don’t. Stick with this advice and your gut. If they seem fishy – even a tinge – don’t submit.
  • Warn your followers. If all your followers are taking part, they probably won’t care. If they aren’t, a warning so they can mute you can save you from seeing those numbers drop. Give them the contest name and duration. They might even be more inclined to retweet and help you out.
  • Don’t like other tweets unless you actually are an agent or publisher. It gets hopes us and can be problematic in the long run. It does not – statistically – increase the individual’s chances of having a real agent/publisher like the tweet.
  • Check out some of the popular tweets from the last time the contest was held. What formats worked? Research is always useful.

Good luck!

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