Review: Nura and the Immortal Palace

Title: Nura and the Immortal Palace Author: M. T. Khan Stars: ★★★ (3 stars) Whether you're a specialty press out of the midwest or a big hitter like Hachette, using Studio Ghibli as a comparison in your sell line is dangerous. Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away holds a special place in my heart, and in a generation of... Continue Reading →

Review: Words We Don’t Say

This was an advanced reader copy for the October 2018 publication. There are minor spoilers ahead. Title: Words We Don't Say Author: K.J. Reilly Stars: ★★★★★ All the bad gets interest, but good compounds too, and Reilly's point, throughout this whole book, is that we have the ability to work toward ensuring the compounding of the good... Continue Reading →

Review: The Life and Death Parade

This was an advanced reader copy for the June 2018 publication. There are minor spoilers ahead. Title: The Life and Death Parade Author: Eliza Wass Stars: ★★★★ Wass's book came at a rather frustrating time for me. A cancer diagnosis for my dog went from an amputation to a death sentence in less than two weeks. Throughout... Continue Reading →

Victorians and Modern Morality

So, I was on the receiving end of a slightly one-sided conversation about Hannibal. While I was avoiding thinking about uncannily appropriate rhymes, my brain instead went to a strange connection - Edward Cullen. Then it bounced earlier to Lestat. From there, I went to Dracula. Having had it with vampires, I went to Loki,... Continue Reading →

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