Review: Phantom Wheel

This was an advanced reader copy for the October 2018 publication. There are minor spoilers ahead. Title: Phantom Wheel Author: Tracy Deebs Stars: ★★ Black hat or white - hackers fascinate me. I loved Garcia on Criminal Minds, and while the rest of my family watched Arrow for the title character, I adored Felicity. An interesting pair... Continue Reading →

Review: Ernestine, Catastrophe Queen

This was an advanced reader copy for the August 2018 publication. There are minor spoilers ahead. Title: Ernestine, Catastrophe Queen Author: Merrill Wyatt Stars: ★★ Marketing Effort: 3 (average) When you compare your heroine to Ramona, Matilda, and Harriet the Spy, I expect a main character with a strong and creative personality. With Matilda and Harriet in the... Continue Reading →

Review: Battle Mage

This review does not contain spoilers! Please keep them out of the comments as well. Part of the Free (Kindle) series.  Title:  Battle Mage Author: Peter A. Flannery Stars: ★★ From the very first line, Flannery's writing creates an odd distance between reader and the third person narrator. Words like "knew" and "felt" add further distance. The... Continue Reading →

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