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  1. Is there nothing new under the sun? Is it possible, as writers, to not be influenced by those who have created before us? You bring up some great points… points that we as writers need to be well aware of. I’m curious, what sparked you to write this article?

    1. With July 4th, I thought discussing world building was appropriate; however, I’ve also noticed writing where a location title (classroom, cinema, library) is all a writer gives. It’s sad that we’ve come to assume one room is equal to another simply by their shared usage. Not surprising – as we’ve done the same with people and occupations for years.

  2. Hello,

    Found you through a search of publishing articles. With your permission, I would like to become a follower.

    I’m nobody in the business or writing world but I find it interesting that the publisher didn’t wait to send you a contract, rather they seem to have sent it almost immediately. That may indicate that your book is selling better than expected and they are trying to get you signed slightly below market value. If true, that is a positive indicator. You might think about adding some type of cap to the second contract. Something like if you sale xxx number of books then you get a larger percentage of all sales above that number.

    Congratulations, you are winning!


  3. Eli,

    I am so happy that you are bringing this negotiation up for consideration. You are exactly right about how important the contract is for both parties but even more important is that both parties have to live together and work together following a potentially drama filled negotiation. Lots for the rest of us to consider before we submit to a small publisher.

    Best of luck,

  4. If I understand the math of royalties then I guess it boils down to this. If you get something more than zero then that means that someone paid their cold hard cash to read your work. That is so freaking cool! I cant wait to have something out there to get a royalty check. I think I will frame my first one.

    And if someone is buying your work, then you are a professional, published, real life author. Wow, again so freaking cool! Good for you. You are now officially in the top 1% of the population having done something that the other 99% of us haven’t done.


    1. Making money isn’t always the difficult part. It’s making enough to counter the costs of what your publisher put into your work to ensure they’re continued efforts and dedication to your work.

    1. Unfortunately, the giveaway and contest are over. If you would be interested in free material, please sign up in my mailing list as I’ll be giving away some exclusive shorts later this month.

  5. Thank you so much for the shout out Eli and your kind words.
    I can tell you that by posting on a Tuesday and adding #TuesdayBookBlog to my post title, helped in a big way as there is a large writing/ reader community who RT and share this hashtag. (anyone can use it as long as it is connected to a book related blog post of decent content)
    I can tell you my first tweet of the day about it reached 278 people on Twitter, (between 7-8am UK time) it is how it spreads from there that matters.
    The blog post had 45 views on the day, but I also had a second book review posting on the day, so both books shared the limelight.
    Good luck with your writing, Rosie

  6. Super excited about “Grimm Remains”!! Yes I’m related to the author. That being said this book was fantastic, it kept me wanting more as a good series should!!

  7. How’s things?, on occasion I get a 500 site error when I arrive at this page. I thought you may wish to know, regards

    1. The author has elected to give a way a copy of her book! If you’re interested, please contact me through the contact form or share your email here.

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